Back cover for A New Anthology of Chinese Short-Short Stories: Satire, Love and Marriage

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“This anthology is a wonderful collection of entertaining and profound stories. English readers will discover gifted writers unfamiliar in the West. Their stories will be both familiar and strange as they unfold in a rich and different culture that is at once ancient and modern. We see a China very different from common Western stereotypes. Dr. Huang in collecting and translating this literature has given us a valuable gift.”
—Robert Price, PhD, Professor of English

“With precision and concision, translator Huang captures images, sounds and gestures as if he was present in the act of writing itself, transforming words into visions that bear each writer’s meaning, style and purpose.” “Each of these stories is a surprise and a delight . . . some of which are so poignant, so vivid and so enthralling they can easily be turned into a movie.”
—Patria C. Rivera, Poet, Writer, and Editor

“Every one of his translations is a beautiful story that has been meticulously polished. I would like to . . . express my great respect for Dr. Huang for his achievement.”
—Yao Chaowen, PhD, Professor, Writer, and Literary Critic

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