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New books coming soon:

1. Best Love Poems by Chuan Sha
A stunning collection of love poems everyone would enjoy.


2. Miracle Acupuncturist: A Selection of Short Stories Based on Dr Liu’s Patients’ Unbelievable Experiences
A great collection of interesting and captivating stories based on a miracle acupuncturist’s unbelievable treatment stories.


“It’s the first time I read such an interesting book on the study of students’ internet use compared with their academic performance. As a parent of two teenagers, I am always concerned about how youth balance their time online and independent thinking, and how they are related. Jeffrey has done a great job in his book that presents quantitative comparison of various groups of youth. I highly recommend his book for parents.”

—Chun Peng, Professor, Research Chair, York University

“We had our children, Jillian (Grade 10) and Sophia (Grade 6) read Jeffrey’s book and asked them to be mindful of their time spent online. After the reading, we reached consensus to cut down the whole family’s screen time and spend more time together in exercise or just hanging around. For that, we are thankful to Jeffrey for his book that has improved our knowledge and helped us set limits and boundaries on the use of internet in our family.”

—Leona Chen, PhD, and Peter Xu, MS, parents of two students in grades 6 and 10, Ontario, Canada

“I was shocked to learn about how much technology affects adolescents but also, how much time students spend on the internet.” 

—Gail Georgiou, English Teacher, Curriculum Leader of English and ESL, Toronto District School Board, Canada

The great collection of poems from world-renowned poet Chuan Sha:

A rare contemporary anthology by a master poet highly acclaimed by best-known writers and literary critics including Ha Jin, America’s National Book Award Winner, and Mo Yan, 2012 Nobel Prize Winner in Literature, among others. Read Chuan Sha’s unique treasure to:

•Savor the love poems that have been admired by young ladies for years

•Appreciate the graceful humor and satire that expose social ills and corrupt morality;

•Enjoy the finest combination of Chinese and Western artistry at its best

•Understand the master poet’s profound wisdom and philosophy 

Buy your copy and enjoy your reading now!

Chuan Sha is a highly acclaimed poet, writer and playwright living in Toronto. He has a long list of literary publications including his most recent anthology A Selection of Poems by Chuan Sha. His three-act musical Skirts are Singing has been performed in Toronto and warmly received.​

“Whether he is calling to the sun or mumbling to the moon, Chuan Sha in his poetry strikes his readers with a passion, a piety of a burning life, and a live purity that he by no means intends to disguise. In a noisy and cynical world as is today, it has become a challenge to find such a heartbeat of poetry, which displays itself in reality. This heartbeat may be better defined as ‘a process of becoming human.’”

—Zhou Zhengbao

“…a collection of paragraphs and short essays suitable for writers in grades three to eight…that can help students explore new subjects of discussion.”
—Nancy Q. Ye​

“…also educational regarding basic writing and grammar conventions…these paragraphs and essays structurally suit the needs of…high school students who experience difficulty in essay writing due to poor paragraph development.”
—Albert Y. Hou

​“Since the book provides model paragraphs and essays, students can analyze their format by identifying various features: the topic sentence or thesis, supporting points, examples, and conclusion.”
—Adriana Neil

​​Availability: Made available by author. Order through Bestview Scholars Publishing, via bestviewscholars.com only.

​“Reading Huang’s essays is a great way to improve essay writing skills… [This book] is highly recommended for middle school students as well as inexperienced high school and college writers.”
–Nancy Q. Ye

“Thought-provoking,” “extraordinarily informative,” “educational…” “This book is excellent for those who wish to be better writers, better thinkers, and ultimately, better students.”
–Albert Y. Hou

Availability: Made available by author. Orders are only available through Bestview Scholars Publishing, via bestviewscholars.com.

Excerpt from the book:​

What’s in this booklet​

This booklet is prepared for parents who want their pre-school children to start reading books at the earliest age possible. It is intended to assist you in conducting your child’s first pre-school reading course. Specifically, it deals with a step-by-step approach to bedtime reading for toddlers and other children up to age six.  The author hopes that it will nurture your child’s self-confidence, self-esteem and will help cultivate your child’s imagination and creativity, which are essential qualities of genius.


Availability: Made available by author. Order through bestviewscholars.com only.

Excerpt from the book:​

What’s in this booklet​

This booklet is prepared to help you teach your pre-school child to read and write the alphabet–the most fundamental basic of written language. It is designed as your child’s first pre-school writing course.

You will find a step-by-step method that has been proven successful in home teaching. It is intended to nurture your child’s self-confidence, self-esteem and build up his or her sense of logic and thinking skills.

All these are essential qualities of a member of today’s society.​

Early begun is half done!​

Availability: Made available by author. Order through Bestview Scholars Publishing only.

Excerpt from the book:​

What’s in this booklet

This booklet is written to help parents who want their pre-school children to explore the excitement and fun of doing mathematics at the earliest age possible. Specifically, it introduces a step-by-step approach to teaching

  1. the Arabic numbers, the “ones,” “tens,” and “hundreds”;
  2. addition;
  3. subtraction; and
  4. the multiplication table.

It is prepared as your child’s first pre-school math course to be taught by yourself. The author hopes that it will nurture your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem and help cultivate your child’s imagination, creativity, analytical skills and problem solving skills.

Availability: Made available by author. Order through Bestview Scholars Publishing only.

Excerpt from back cover:

​This is a brief biography of my father (Shaohui Huang, 黄绍辉) who was called “Half-God,” or a “God-like” doctor by his patients.

Mr. Y. Long called my father his family’s “Savior.”
My father often said, “The patient’s happiness is the doctor’s joy.”

“…a remarkable man and it [this book] is a fine tribute to him.”
—Dr. Robert Price​

Availability: Made available by author. Orders can only be made through Bestview Scholars Publishing.

Excerpt from back cover:

These short stories are parables for our times. They offer a unique perspective on a wide range of topics, reflecting our society and the world we live in, including:​

  • insightful tales of love and the nature of relationships
  • heartwarming stories of family ties and loyalties
  • subtle contemplations on justice and injustice, in court and out
  • keen observations of celebrity and its perks, and what society now accepts as entertainment
  • touching portraits of mental and physical illness
  • pointed portrayals of discrimination and prejudice, and the immigrant struggle to blend into a new community
  • scathing commentaries on the impersonal and self-serving attitudes of bureaucracy and the government
  • perceptive reflections on the corruptive forces of wealth and power

​Told with sardonic humour and an eye for irony, these “short short stories” will stay with you long after the last page is turned.​

Availability: Made available by author. Order through Bestview Scholars Publishing, at bestviewscholars.com.

Excerpt from the back cover:

Kent Yuck, the dubious hero of this collection of forty-six satirical mini-stories, is a most despicable character.​

Yuck grows up a Canadian on the inside and an Asian on the outside, a “banana” who is tormented by racial slurs. He learns to hate outsiders-new Canadians who look like they belong somewhere else. Taking advantage of immigrants proves easy for Yuck and he dreams up countless scams and setups.​

Yuck moves from blackmailing immigrants to scamming anyone he can, any way he can. Nothing is morally out of reach for Yuck: he threatens to sue his neighbours, supports legal public nudity as a tourism boost, pimps his wife for ten dollars a night, and even robs his dying father. Yuck is more than willing to commit every vile act imaginable. 

​It is only when he accidentally plummets to his death while trying to rob an old friend that Yuck’s malevolent behaviour is checked. Yuck then finds himself trapped in spiritual limbo, refused entry to Paradise and, ironically, denied access to Hell.

​Availability: Made available by author. Order only through Bestview Scholars Publishing, at bestviewscholars.com.

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