Table of Contents for A New Anthology of Chinese Short-Short Stories: Satire, Love and Marriage

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Unique Features of the Chinese Short-Short Story, by Patria Rivera v
The Maturing Short-Short Story in China, by Song Guiyou ix
Introduction, by Harry J. Huang xiii

Officials at Work
The First-Prize Winner, by Cai Zhongfeng 2
The Fifth Weight-Loss Plan, by Cai Zhongfeng 5
Robbery in the Office, by Huang Rongcai 8
A Problem with the Neck, by Liu Yongfei 11
Choosing the Secretary, by An Liang 15
Pig Heads, by Ling Junyang 18
Zhang San the Restaurant Owner, by Sun Fangyou 22
Chop Him, by Miao Yipeng 24
Parking, by Liu Guangrong 27
Turtle-Toad Device, by Ma Baoshan 30
The Cause of Mr. Ke’s Illness, by He Kaiwen 34
“Official Dreamer,” by Yun Liang 36
An Accidental Award, by Yun Liang 40
A Drifting Bus Terminal, by Chen Xiuping 44
The Beautiful Woman on the Other Side, by Chen Zipeng 48
Seventy Percent, by Jiang Ye 50
The Last Way Out, by Yao Chaowen 54

Human Compassion
My Earliest Memories, by Chen Zhenchang 60
Black-Node Stems, by Ling Dingnian 64
A Paper a Day, by Xing Qingjie 68
A Wish, by Xu Guojiang 71
The Best Magician in the World, by Cai Zhongfeng 73
Plain Green Tea, by Li Yongsheng 75

Long Hair, by Tomaz Ho Wai Wong 79
Phoenix Wings, by Xu Shewen 81
Altering Prescriptions, by Gao Jun 83

A Bunch of Bitter Mustard Greens, by Lin Xiaopeng 87
A Debt of Gratitude Forever, by Bing Ling 90

Happy Lovers
A Fake Wedding Ring, by Shi Lei 94
Heaven’s Arrangement, by Chen Zhenchang 97
Tattoos on the Arms, by Xu Junquan 102
My Wife, My Elder-Sister, by Bai Wenling 106
Gui Sao and Her Husband’s Mistresses, by Sun Fangyou 109
Cloud Chickens, by Zhao Zhiguang 113
Seventeen Scarves, by Li Yue 117
“Call Him Father,” by Liu Gong 120
Annoying Brother, by Wang Juanrong 123
My Father’s Note, by Wang Peijing 125
My Sweetheart Xiao Fang, by Li Jingwen 129
Python Under the Quilt, by Xiu Shi 132

Derailed Relationships
Mr. Zhou’s Date, by Lin Tingguang 136

A Love Duet, by Lin Yongjie 140
Hypnosis at the Dinner Party, by Ji Hongping 144
A Blue Porcelain Vase, by Shi Lei 147
A Romantic Spring Night, by Shen Ping 150
Wicked Girl, by Wan Qian 153
Purely Accidental, by Liang Gang 156
Cobbler Ah San, by Lin Tingguang 159
Reed Catkin, by Zhang Nianliang 162
Encountering the Chief, by Mo Bai 166
A Lone Soul, by Ye Yufei 170
New Changes, by Zhao Fengmin 173
Besotted Lover, by An Shiliu 176
Demanding Unpaid Wages, by An Liang 179
A Pretty Woman Called Luo, by Shen Zulian 181

Maybe Next Week, by Xu Xiaoming 184
An Appointment After All, by Zhen 186
An Encounter on the Street, by Tan Jianqiao 190

Waiting for You on Facebook, by Shui Yue 193
Coming Home, by Wei Er 196
Voice Message, by Chen Wenwei 199
Angel or Demon, by Chu Gejin 202

Wrongdoings & Punishment
Prison Guards, by Sun Fangyou 206
A Dreamer Granny, by Sun Fangyou 210
A Small Railway Station, by Jin Ziwei 212
A Flower Nursery, by Jin Ziwei 216
Encounter at Night, by Shen Shaoxiong 220
An Episode After the Rain, by Shen Shaoxiong 223
A Woman Called Mountain Girl, by Miao Yipeng 226
A Complainant, by Mo Bai 229
Magic Stone Thrower, by Liu Hongzhong 232
Rob . . . Robbery, by Huang Cheng 236
The Hero’s Secret, by Dai Xi 239
The Hidden Motive, by Zhu Shiyuan 242
It Was They, by Zhao Zhiguang 246
Scaring a Mouse, by Zhang Chaoshan 250
Horror in the “Dogs-Don’t-Care” Buns Restaurant, by An Shiliu 252
Soiled Innocence, by Wu Wanfu 254
On My Way Home, by Cheng Siliang 257
Crown-Car Badges, by Wang Juanrong 259
There Came a Pig, by Zhang Chaoshan 262

Forget & Forgive
Plucking Feathers from a Goose, by Liu Jushang 266
A Letter from Home, by Wang Peijing 268
Magic Stilyard, by Xing Qingjie 271
My Fountain Pen, by Huang Keting 274
The Well in Our Yard, by Wu Wanfu 277
Failures at Job Interviews, by Wu Wanfu 280
His Blood Is Clean, by Shao Huoyan 283
Free Haircuts, by Shao Huoyan 286
Hunting Rabbits, by Shen Ping 288
My Visitors, by Li Jingwen 291
Unbelievable Encounter Deep in the Mountain, by Jiang Ye 294

Lin’s Interview, by Xu Guojiang 297
Experimenting Smiles, by Cheng Siliang 300

Fighters in the Jianghu World
Kidnappings, by Sun Fangyou 302
Black Coat, by Ling Yan 308
Recruiting a Bandit, by Xiang Yuting 312
Poison, by Li Yongsheng 315
Foot-Thief, by Li Yongsheng 318
Super Puppeteers, by Ma Baoshan 321
In Defence of Yue Fei’s Tomb, by Liu Shiyi 324

Biographical Sketches 328
Glossary 345
Pronouncing the Most Difficult Pinyin in the Wade System 349
Titles and Authors’ Names in Chinese 350
Information About the Translator’s Publications 352
Index (Titles and Authors’ Names) 357

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