Table of Contents for A New Anthology of Chinese Short-Short Stories: Surprises, Wisdom and Philosophy

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An Observation of Chinese Short-Short Story Writers’ Artistic Approaches, by Yao Chaowen v
My Views on the Chinese Short-Short Story, by Lynn Holmes ix
Introduction, by Harry J. Huang xii

Serious Jokes in the Office
Fleeing a Banquet, by Han Ying 2
Mischievous Scares, by Ji Rijian 5
Wanting to See the Mayor, by Liu Gong 8
A Village Election, by Zhang Jianzhong 12
Lao Kuang’s Carefree Life, by Liu Gong 15
Please Call Me, by Zhou Qu 19
An Expert Blindfold Chess Player, by Huang Mojuan 22
A Man Who Died for Others, by Zhang Guibin 26
A Poor Life Much Missed, by Zhang Guibin 29
A Chamois Overcoat, by Zheng Bili 32
The Mysophobic Bureau Leader, by Zhong Xiuli 35
A Humble Apology, by Zhang Lianqin 39

Wits at Risk
New Poems, by Zhou Daxin 42
Underwear, by Zhou Daxin 44
Mosquito Punishment, by Sun Fangyou 46
One Divided into Two (Two in One), by Zhang Jishu 50
A Mysterious Phone Pal, by Chen Dachao 52
Selling Books, by Wang Xiaoqian 54
Mirror, by Lin Weisheng 57
More Like the Star Himself, by He Baoguo 60
Getting Out of the Desert, by Shen Hong 63

Chopping Chicken Heads, by Ye Chunsheng 66
Because of That Mailbox, by Lin Rongzhi 68
Cripple Three and His Antique, by Yu Xiurong 71
Wait Until the Cock Lays Eggs, by Chu Meng 75

Philosophy at Work
Ma Yun Temple, by Ling Dingnian 80
A Doctor’s Benevolence, by Ling Dingnian 84
One Step Ahead of Others, by Huang Keting 89
Finding the Second Successor to the Throne, by He Baiyuan 92
Cost, by Ling Junyang 95
A Hero’s Background Is Irrelevant, by Cui Li 98
A Way of Survival, by Chen Dachao 101
Turning Stone into Gold, by Xu Dong 103
Lao Luan’s Potted Flower, by Wang Xinghai 106
Chatting About the Ants’ Language, by Luo Binlu 109
Philosophy Inside the Coffin, by Lin Yueqi 112
The Most Famous Man and Woman, by Ling Dingnian 115

The Young & the Old
Singing at Midnight, by An Liang 118
Meticulous Care, by Sun Chunping 121
Two Daughters-in-Law, by Shi Lei 125
Wild Chrysanthemums, by Shen Ping 129
My Father’s Diary, by Hou Fashan 132
Longing for Mother’s Milk, by Yuan Liangcai 135
My Autistic Daughter, by Ya Hua 138

Grandpa in His Stories, by Li Yongkang 141
Moonlight in 1944, by Lan Yue 145
Grave Robbers, by Feng Chunsheng 148
Why No More Earthquakes Then?, by He Peng 151
Grandma’s Cotton Buffs, by Xia Xueqin 154
Expecting the Granddaughter, by Cao Mengxin 157
Going to Lhasa by Train, by Bai Wenling 160
Looking for Buddha, by Ma Xinting 164
Playing Games, by Zhou Qu 167

Lovers’ Privacy
Reading of Love, by Xu Huifen 172
Touching the Wrong Chin, by Xu Xijun 174
Mung Bean, by Zong Lihua 177
A Katydid on Her Head, by Zhang Kaicheng 180
Midsummer Lotus, by Liu Liying 184
The Noble Lady, by Shen Zulian 188
Warning, by Yi De Er Fu 192
Slippers, by Ling Dingnian 194
Bragging, by Zhong Zimei 197
Finally, by Mo Bai 200

Patients in Need
An Irremovable Ring, by Xu Junquan 204
A Robotic Doctor, by Sun Shuyuan 206
Why They Wouldn’t Sign It, by He Peng 209
A Herbal Pot, by Yuan Bingfa 212
You Are Also a Daughter, by He Peng 215
Altering Test Results, by Zhu Shiyuan 218

Defying Disabilities
The Light Turns Green, by Zhao Fengmin 222
Biographical Notes of Two Brothers, by Yuan Bingfa 225
The Richman and the Beggar, by Jin Bo 229
A Devoted Mourner, by Wang Xiaoqian 233
The Disabled Monkey and the Leopard, by Shi Lei 237

Artists’ Life
Action Art, by Mei Fengyan 242
A Life Lost, by Xing Qingjie 245
Tree-Root Carvings, by He Baiyuan 248
An Unknown Career Enemy, by He Baiyuan 252
A Buffalo Boy in the Mountain Village, by Miao Yipeng 255

Animal World
The “Drunkard” Dog, by Xiao Jianguo 260
The Old Man and the Sheep, by Zha La Ga Hu 264
White Wolf, by Peng Sike 269

The Bullwhip, by Gao Jun 274
Liu Zhu and Sheep, by Wang Wengang 277
Walking the Goat to the Market Place, by Wang Xinghai 280
Selling a Horse, by Yan Xiaoge 284
Being a Human Being, by Wu Wanfu 288
A Tale from the Snowfield, by Ma Duangang 292
Alice Is Sick, by Wu Jinliang 295

A Glance at Science Fiction
Game Players, by You Ma’er 298
A Mysterious Alien, by Ma Xinting 301
The Safest Planet, by Chen Dachao 305

Chinese Short-Short Stories Written Inside and Outside of China, by Long Ganghua 310
Changes in the Structure and Writing Techniques of the Chinese Short-Short Stories, by Liu Haitao 313
Short-Short Story Writers’ Associations and Periodicals in China, by Ling Dingnian 315
Unifying the English Translation of wei xing xiao shuo and xiao xiao shuo, by Harry J. Huang 320
Biographical Sketches 334
Glossary 351
Pronouncing the Most Difficult Pinyin in the Wade System 355
Titles and Authors’ Names in Chinese 356
Information About the Translator’s Publications 358
Index (Titles and Authors’ Names) 363

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